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Super Beta Prostate – A Prostate Health Solution

Prostate Health is something you should take care about.  As ignoring Prostate health can lead to many health issues. Super Beta Prostate is a solution which may handle all problems related to Prostate.

Super Beta Prostate Formula supports a healthy prostate. As men age it becomes increasingly important to take the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy prostate. This significant gland cannot be disregarded. That’s why aside from increasing beta sitosterol by 58%, saw palmetto extract by 125%, we also increased the lycopene and much more in the current formulation of Super Beta Prostate Formula.

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The active ingredients in Saw Palmetto are free fatty acids, such as beta sitosterol. Based on the literature it appears that 288 mg of free fatty acids is most beneficial for prostate health, urinary function and vitality.* Super Beta Prostate Formula provides exactly this amount of the active free fatty acids along with 500 mg of beta sitosterol.*

The exclusive Super Beta Prostate Formula not only combines Saw Palmetto Extract and beta sitosterol, but also Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant,* Pygeum Africanum, Zinc, Pumpkin Seed, Stinging Nettles, Amino Acids and more to promote optimal prostate health, unrinary function and vitality.*

Super Beta Prostate is a new product designed for men suffering from prostate discomfort. According to advertisements, 50% of men over the age of 50 have an enlarged prostate.


Symptoms range from minor annoyances like frequent urination to severe ailments like impaired sexual function that greatly limit quality of life.

Super Beta Prostate is formulated using natural ingredients that supposedly won’t cause harmful side effects. To test this claim, I researched Super Beta Prostate’s ingredient list.


Ingredients for Soothing Relief

Super Beta Prostate contains over 10 ingredients clinically proven to ease symptoms of an enlarged or irritated prostate. I have listed the most powerful ingredients and their amount per serving below.

Saw Palmetto blocks the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As men get older, they begin to produce more DHT which leads to hair loss and encourages the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Saw palmetto is also an anti-inflammatory, which soothes burning or irritation. Research shows saw palmetto reduces nocturia (waking up to urinate) by about 25%. It also strengthens urine flow and improves the ability to fully empty the bladder.

Clinical studies have successfully used doses between 160-320 mg saw palmetto daily. Super Beta Prostate has enough to deliver full effects.

Stinging Nettle relieves symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It effectively treats weak urine flow, difficulty emptying the bladder, post-urination dripping, and the constant impulse to visit the bathroom.

Scientists still aren’t sure how stinging nettle affects prostate health. However, research shows it slows the growth of prostate cancer cells. It also interferes with the body’s pain signals to reduce irritation.

Pygeum  is an anti-inflammatory and reduces prostatic swelling. It also enhances prostatic secretions and improves sexual function. In France, pygeum is used as the primary medical treatment for enlarged prostate.

Although scientists must conduct more research to fully understand pygeum’s mechanisms, research shows it shrinks prostate cells and relieves frequent nighttime urination.

Pygeum successfully reduced prostate size when used in doses between 25-200 mg daily.


Possible Side Effects

In general, Super Beta Prostate ingredients are well tolerated when proper dosing instructions are followed. However, side effects have been reported in rare instances.

For example, saw palmetto has been reported as causing headaches, mild stomach upset, liver damage, and increased bleeding during surgery. Stinging nettle may cause fluid retention, sweating, and diarrhea. In addition, pygeum is known to cause nausea and abdominal pain.

If you experience any of these symptoms, immediately discontinue use and speak with your doctor. It is also good to check with a doctor before using this product if you’re on a prescription medication.


How to Use Super Beta Prostate

Take 1-2 Super Beta Prostate capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and again before lunch with 16 oz. water. Dosage can be adjusted to suit personal preference and level of strength desired.

However, never exceed 4 capsules in one day. At a maximum dose, one bottle should last 30 days.

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Can Super Beta Prostate Make Your Life Easier?

Super Beta Prostate contains several ingredients that are proven effective. However, other ingredients have yet to be scientifically proven to enhance prostate health. Many ingredients require more research before we can be sure they’ll live up to advertised claims.

This supplement isn’t terribly pricey, but it also isn’t cheap. Make sure you buy from a retailer that offers a refund policy in case the product disappoints. However, Super Beta Prostate has the potential to significantly reduce uncomfortable symptoms of a large prostate. For best results, consult a doctor before buying this product.

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