Minoxidil for the growth of the beard

Many men are tempted when using minoxidil to grow the beard. What are the benefits and possible dangers of this treatment? Should we use minoxidil to grow the beard ?


A drug with amazing properties

At first, the minoxidil , a product family of vasodilator, was prescribed for hypertension. But certain doctors and patients found that it also slowed hair loss, and stopped baldness.

The initial version of this product was paralyzed in 2014. It should be noted that between 1979 and 2014, the absorption of this product would have caused the death of 150 patients.


A lotion for baldness

The minoxidil then becomes a lotion for baldness. It is sold in pharmacies for about 30 €, equivalent to 3 months of treatment . Its sale is prohibited in people under 18 years.


It should be noted that this treatment is used for life. In other words, if you stop using it, your hair starts to fall again.


How to use minoxidil?

It is strictly intended for use on the skull. The minoxidil acts on condition of having a lint and hair follicles. This treatment is not intended for the beard and is by no means a miracle treatment. If you want to grow the beard, it is advisable to apply castor oil, natural remedy and without contraindications.

Not all men are lucky to have the beard they wish and increasingly wonder more about the use of minoxidil to improve their appearance. Some have tried to use it , and the results obtained were quite satisfactory. Therefore there is a possibility of using this product, as always, with caution, to avoid side effects.


Minoxidil acts on the beard

The hair growth of beard runs on the same principles as those governing hair growth. The hair follicles follow a specific growth, with phases of rest and cycles of growth that determine the time that the hair requires to grow. Each follicle can react in a particular way. The difference is that hair loss attributed to male pattern baldness is caused by an overabundance of a testosterone derivative in the body, while facial hair growth is virtually uniquely genetic.

The minoxidil is one of the best treatments for hair loss, and acts to limit the process that causes baldness. Its action allows to obtain good results since this product allows the follicles to dilate and to increase the phase of growth to allow the hair to grow more and with more force.


Undesirable side effects

The use of minoxidil entails complications such its use is contraindicated. Among these effects we find an excessive increase of hairiness outside the treated areas, around the eyes, on the forehead, ears and back. But there is also severe acne, disordered libido, erection, rapid weight gain, hypotension, and so on.

In short, despite all the benefits that some state relative to minoxidil , this treatment is too dangerous to recommend it . Let us not forget that it is a product that is not intended for the beard , and its cost is too high because you have to apply for life.

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