Hair Fall and Hair Problems

Hair Fall and Hair Problems

Hair Fall

Hair life has to be taken into concern while deciding about hair fall. Hair loss is serious matter and acute hair fall must be taken care off without any delay. The pattern of hair fall is to be noted. Common hair fall is noticed during hair bath, brushing and while doing up a hair braid. This can be occasionally severe based on various factors. While knowing the reason of your hair fall the remedy has to be taken up as decided by a doctor. Noticeable signs of heavy hair fall are patches on the scalp and losing hair on the pillow or visible hair fall at your work area or home. This calls for seeking help. It is not good to delay the hair fall as the remedy is not a quick fix.

hair fall and hair problems

Using too much of hair treatments like rollers, straightening serums, gels for the slick look or even pulling hair for pig tails is the common reason that the follicles get detached from the scalp. The irritated root shaft causes loosening and eventually hair fall begins. Diet changes provoke skin and hair fall problems. Beginning on a diet program is good for your health if you look into aspects like skin and hair nourishing. The protein and iron content has to be adequate for women before beginning on a diet program. Anorexic tendencies are very bad for hair and skin. Again it is best to take a diet suggested by a nutritionist so that the intake of minerals and vitamins is balanced.

Stress causes hair fall. Tension at work, sudden demands owing to pressure and other kind of emotional problems weakness the immune system. The quality of hair also erodes. The regular sheen and shine in your hair is dimmed owing to an illness. Though vitamin supplements are advocated after a particular illness, it is good to include a healthy diet. De-stressing activities are good so that you stay blessed with lovely hair. Certain medical therapies like chemotherapy or radiation for treating cancer does cause hair fall. This can be clinically treated with prescribed vitamins and hair care. The main thing is to preserve the follicle and strengthen the hair roots.

Massage for treating hair loss is done with gentle fingertips in circular motion. Many times it is done with cotton as even the finger tips can cause harm to the follicles. A good therapist will advocate a proper essential oil that is relaxing and enhances blood circulation for hair to grow back. Fungal hair infections require continuous treatment. This spreads fast and a good doctor will eradicate the growth of fungus. The reason for hair fall owing to fungus requires immediate checking.

Dandruff certainly causes hair fall. The flaky scalp causes embarrassment and weakens the scalp by blocking the follicles. Furthermore, the roots are weakened and it also prevents growth of new hair. Dandruff aided shampoos require post conditioning and there are medicated shampoos available for the same. Cosmetic changes in hair like perming, hair straightening, and coloring can cause hair fall depending on the quality of your hair. Post treatment care is sufficient with protein rich conditioners, leave on conditioning agents and hair vitalizers.


Hair Problems

Dry frizzy hair can happen to anybody. This could be owing to severity of weather or the wrong kind of shampoo. Again dry hair can be easily dealt with the right kind of shampooing. If you constantly cover up your gray hair with dyes, the effect is that hair really does not live it up. Moreover, the forehead and adjoining areas to the scalp get affected badly. Hair colors with nourishing techniques are good for you hair. Any kind of chemical treatment like perms or rebonding does harm the hair but it can be made good with treatment.

Managing your hair and keeping it well extends your grooming schedule but its worth as the crowning glory adds much to your personality. Dull and Damaged dull hair is common even for today’s teenager. The reasons can be many. It could be improper diet or exposure to sun. For all days, it is best to invest in a scarf and cover hair while walking in the sun. A sun burn can leave hair in a very bad state. Oiling hair can be really soothing but exposing it to dust and grime can do you a lot of harm. Greasy hair harbors dust and the scalp gets itchy.

Hair with a dandruff condition is a major problem. Dandruff can be hereditary or occurs owing to stress. The itchy scalp can fall off on your clothes which can be another source of embarrassment. Dandruff can be controlled with medicated shampoos and the use of a conditioner protects the quality of your hair. If you have just treated your hair to styling or even blow drying, it is best to cover your hair so that there is no direct contact with pollutants and the sun. Climatic changes and water can do much harm to hair. This can cause problems to hair and hair can get rough or even tangle easily. If you are exposed to chemically treated water like chlorine in the swimming pool then it is best to wash hair off well and go in for a conditioning treatment.

Keratin treatments do help out in giving you hair appeal and enhances the texture. Using a bionic hair drying machine is the best way out. It dries hair faster which adds to your benefit. With age hair changes the texture. Hence it is advisable to change you shampoo and conditioner to suit the needs. Again hair health is better managed with fluid intake. As water is highly beneficial to flush out the toxins the quality of your hair stays well. Home remedies like oiling, massaging and using hair packs do help you to unwind and get you quality hair with less of hassle.

For people with a sensitive skin or scalp the hair care has to be special. Here the pH factor comes to force. Knowing how acidic your hair is will help you in choosing your shampoo. Conditioners can be followed as per the essential needs of your scalp. Neutral shampoos are recommended for delicate scalp so that the pH level is maintained. Deep conditioning with special heat treatments is recommended once a while to restore life for hair that is subjected to a lot of coloring or styling gels.


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