Green Cream and Retinol

Green Cream is the New Miracle Skin Cream

One of the newest buzzes in skin care and anti-aging creams is the green cream. Green cream is very rich in high and retinol, which is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reverse the anti-aging process (also read about retinol cream here).

green cream- before and after

What is green cream and retinol and how do they work so well to improve the quality of your skin?

A dermatologist in New Orleans develops green cream in the 1980s. While she selected making the cream green for her own pleasure her clients quickly began referring to it as “the green cream” and so the name was born.

Green cream is successful because it has a high level of retinol and it comes in three forms each with its own different level of retinol.

green cream Simply put, retinol is vitamin A that is coming from an animal source typically although I can be found in some plants. Vitamin A the main compound found in retinol has been proven to help improve skin tone and reduce aging processes but only when found in creams or serums that actually penetrate into the skin so that the retinol can do its work.

Backspace selecting the correct level of green cream for your needs depends on your skin type and your experience. In fact it may be wise to always begin with the level 3 which is typically used for sensitive skin or people that are just getting started with using green cream.

Level 6 green cream is the most common of the serums purchased in use as it packs the most amount of punch without risking harm to the skin. The level 9 green cream offers the highest level of retinol available without a prescription and is really only recommended for people that have use using high-quality retinol products. An excessive amount of retinol in the skin can lead to peeling, cracking, and other basic dermatitis as the skin adjusts to the new levels.

When purchasing green cream it is essential to purchase it in a canister that delivers a dose in an airless pump. Exposure to the elements including air will reduce the potency of your green cream, which ages quickly and loses potency fast. As can be true with many beauty products on the market buyer beware.

If the price is very low and seems too low then you’re getting a sub-par product that has less retinol and more artificial vitamins and minerals added to it that while not necessarily harmful will not pack the full benefit that you’re hoping to get for your skin.


Make sure to purchase from a reputable distributor and take a moment to compare the ingredients list to make sure you are getting a good quality product for your skin. Buyer reviews are another helpful way to make sure that the green cream that you are buying is of the best quality for your needs.

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