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My first encounter with Colon Cleanse – Part-I

My first encounter with the subject colon cleansing, came about 15 years ago, back in 1990 when I first came across the book: Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management  by Dr. Bernard Jensen. Up to this date I had never given the idea that my colon was stuffed up with old waste matter  any thought at all. Despite the fact that I always have had a profound interest in health care and  had been working for more than 10 years in nutrition and health food business, colon cleansing was a completely new idea to me. It simply was not a part of my conscious thinking, and this is maybe the main problem in health care in general today too. We don’t think consciously about many aspects of our health, simply because the idea that there might be something wrong, or that we are doing something wrong don’t strike us at all. Reading Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, and seeing the photos in the book was in many ways like a shock. Could it possibly be true, that my colon was filled with waste material similar to the photos in this book. Had I in my life so far, just been eating healthy foods that was able to leave my colon the way it was supposed to do, or could some of it have stayed there to rotten, and intoxicate my colon, blood an life in general ? I doubted that I had been that healthy, as my thought wandered back through the last weeks dinners, analyzing in my mind the contents of the various plates I had consumed. Not to speak of what I had consumed during the last 30 years or so, of different kind of foods and snacks that no doubt had been very hard for my colon to  digest. I quickly understood that it was a big risk that my colon also was suffering under my bad eating habits up to this point in my life.

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It was somewhat hard to accept that my colon was now very likely a breeding place for all kinds of detrimental micro organisms, fungus etc. that also was intoxicating my blood. If there was old waste matter and rotten material still in my colon, I quickly understood that this matter would  be stored close  to my inner colon walls, the part that was closest to the blood. It was a major risk that my blood was just as much fed on this waste matter than being fed on the food that I was eating every day. The thought was of course not very pleasant to ponder upon, it was time to take some action ! Was it time to consider a colon cleanse ?


The problem however during those years was that in Norway, it was a that time very limited access to herbal products capable of cleansing the colon, and colon cleanse by water, the way described in Dr. Jensen’s book was not to be found at all. I tested various health products during those years, and yes, many of them had an obvious good effect on the colon, but I doubted that they really was able to get to the core of the problem, to dissolve and wash out the rotten materials glued to the inner walls of the colon. It was not until the mid 1990’s where Dr. Robert Gray’s herbal colon cleanse series was found in the health food store shelves in Norway, a complete colon cleanse product was available. I tested this product line during the few next year, and found it very beneficial, even if it was a bit awkward taking the products according to a table accompanying the set. There is no doubt however that this is an excellent product line, if you want a herbal colon cleanse and are focused on following the daily schedules accompanying the product line.


My first encounter with Colon Cleanse – Part -II

During the later years I have myself also found another product on the market, which to me does a remarkable job of taking care of the colon, and remove waste matters on a daily basis. This product is named Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanser (insert link to affilate page) an oxygen colon cleanser that really has proven to be very effective. Oxy-Powder is a very advanced and scientifically correct colon cleanser. It doesn’t simply clear the manifestations under the floor covering, it goes directly after the genuine reason for obstruction. It is the same item being utilized for ideal colon wellbeing and oxygen purging by the Hollywood stars.


The most recent years colonics, otherwise called colon hydrotherapy, have been acquainted with the human services market around the world, yet myself I was first ready to attempt this treatment around a year back. At last I was able to test out the therapy I read about in Dr. Jensen’s book back in the early 90’s ! It was a very good experience to me, I readily admit it has been the single most efficient way of colon cleanse that I have ever tested out. It literally goes to the root of the matter, and cleanses out old waste material that herbal product lines have not been able to eliminate.  Colonics is then a procedure that helps break up impacted fecal matter in the colon, thus eliminating sometimes harmful toxins from the body.  During colon hydrotherapy, a thin plastic tube is inserted into the rectum and warm water is flushed into the rectum via the tube.  When the patient feels full, they will be instructed to push the water out.  Completely colon cleansing can however rarely be accomplished with one treatment.  It often consists of having more than one treatment to gain full benefit from the treatment.

Reading Dr. Jensen’s book  a decade back in time started it all, and  time has shown that my first reactions to this book was  correct. I felt when I read the book, that the information it contained would be a major health focus in the years ahead, and quite rightly, today centres pop up worldwide that offer colonics, or colon hydrotherapy to the public. I can’t  recommend strong enough that you too should  give this form of natural colon cleanse a try whatever your problem may be. Even if you feel well and healthy a colonic treatment will be a wise investment in your health. Our modern diet does not promote a healthy colon in the first place, and taking regular colonics together with  daily use of Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanser seems vital to stay fit and healthy.

Good health starts in the colon, some experts say that up to 80% of all disease starts in this area of our body. Whether this is the truth or not, regular, daily  bowel movements is a must for all of us to stay healthy. There is also a well proven fact that constipation, gas problems, allergies, arthritis, bloating, skin problems etc. escalates in the public, and colon cleanse is in my opinion the first way to look to start “digging in the dirt”, on your way to good health and also to secure a  proper assimilation of the nutrients you daily take into your body.



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